Autumn Notebook

This page will contain information about creating an Autumn Notebook, including links, information, pictures, printables, and other ideas for setting up a notebook for the fall season. It is always being updated so check back frequently to see what's new. Creating an Autumn Notebook An Autumn Notebook can be set up in many ways depending on your intended use. Some people plan on using it for the entire season to record information, keep track of household chores and holiday planning for Halloween & Thanksgiving. Others prefer to use it as an archive, a place to organize and store ideas for use during the fall season. Depending on your plans for the notebook here's a list of some possible sections to include:
  1. Calendars for the Fall Months
  2. Seasonal Chores List
  3. Planner Pages for Events
  4. Autumn Craft Ideas
  5. Autumn Recipes to Try
  6. Inventory of Autumn Decor
  7. Autumn Booklist
PRINTABLES FOR YOUR NOTEBOOK Autumn Crafts (this page is for tracking your crafts) Notebook Cover 1 & 2 (two coversheets one labeled Fall, the other Autumn) Thanksgiving Menu Planner (a page for recording the menu and cookbooks) MORE TO BE ADDED LATER

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