Saturday, September 21, 2013

Halloween Prep

I'm just curious....what types of Halloween fun to you need to prepare for?  There are all kinds of possibilities that come to mind:

1. School parties
2. Trips to the pumpkin patch
3. A Boo Bash (Halloween party)
4. A Creepy Dinner party
5. Decorating your house
6. Preparing candy and treat bags for the spooky trick or treaters
7. Planning lunch boxes notes for your children
8. Participating in Booing

I guess it really all depends on your family traditions and where you are in "life" right now. Families without small children may not have school parties but don't give up on the fun of Halloween. This time of year is perfect for a creepy or autumn related dinner party. Life is too might as well enjoy it fully.

You might remember last year I hosted a Ghoul Friends dinner party. It was a fun relaxing evening for a few friends.  I used a black and purple color scheme and came up with lots of fun "ghoul friends" things.

This wear I'm going with a Wigs and Wine theme if I can find some time in my busy October schedule to host it. We aren't buying wigs....we will each wear a funny (or cute) wig, drink wine, eat, and laugh!  Laughter that is the most important part! 

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