Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Cranberry Tuesday: Little Skeletons

You may take a look at this little guy (or gal, it's so hard to tell) and think he's pretty blah. He came in a package of four or five from the Dollar Tree. They had them in a couple of colors. Here's what I did with them:

They became "ghoul friends" and I used them as party favors here:

My Ghould Friends dinner party. I used the purple tulle since my color scheme was black and purple but you could use regualr material and it would be very cute too.  i also used little purple gems on them but there are a variety of ways you can dress them or add hair etc.
The point is for pennie....they each cost about 20 cents and using scraps of materials they were very inexpensive. There are other ways you could use them...not just as party favors. You could decorate a Halloween tree with them, or hang them from a shelf, use them in a haunted village display or put them in a big jar and call then "dead faeries" for a Witch's kitchen.
So when early fall arrives and you see some sort of scruffy items at the dollar stores...start thinking about WHAT might you do to improve them....and how might you use them! 

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