Saturday, March 31, 2012

Happy Great Pumpkin Day!

Happy March Great Pumpkin Day!!

Today ends Books and Movies Month! I hope you were able to file away some great ideas to use for Halloween 2012!

April is Trick or Treat Month.

Trick or Treat Month focuses on treats to give out. recipes to make and examines themes and how they might all come together for a spooktacular Halloween 2012,

It’s Trick or Treat Month: Time to gather recipes, organize them in a notebook, folder, or card file. Declutter and get rid of recipes that no longer sound appealing or you have had for a long time but have never tried. Make a section for favorites and a section for those you want to try out! Plan to try one or two before May Great Pumpkin Day arrives!

Theme Time: Are you planning to host a party? Do you want to create a haunted house or witches kitchen for the trick or treaters? This is the month to think about themes. Will your yard look like a graveyard or a ghostly swamp? Take some time this month to gather “theme ideas”.

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