Sunday, February 19, 2012

Creepy Centerpieces

So....a little more creepy....for Creepy Crafts Month....this focuses on centerpiece ideas. I've discovered over the years that all the random stuff here and there doesn't really decorate as well as a few carefully chosen pieces. Each year I select a few to use and it makes decorating and de-decorating so much easier...SIMPLIFY and enjoy....

Black and green....isn't it cute. It's made with a cheapy pipecleaner tree and decorated with some random "spooky" stuff. Check out the details over at:


Or how about a spooky collection of jars full of gross stuff. Picture from: Mixmingleglow.
You know how I LOVE repurposing items ....brings less clutter into the house....well use a simple white (or another color) urn, vase, or pitcher...grab some limbs from nature, a little moss, and black cuts outs of ravens....for a simple yet spooky centerpiece. Idea from: Freshfurniture.

That's it for today....I hope you are collecting some creepy ideas!!

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Luludou said...

The 'creatures' in the the mason jar are great! Black birds do make things creepy