Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Witch's Ball

This year our theme for Boo The Witches' Ball...and in this case... ball referring to a big party/dance the ball Cinderella went to.

However there's another kind of witch ball...

A witch ball is a sphere of clear or stained glass hung in windows in 18th century England to ward off evil spirits. Oddly enough these balls actually started out in cultures where witches "enhanced them" to ward off evil spirits. Later they were suspended from rafters with ribbon or placed on top of a vase for a decorative touch. It's common today to see similar ones in gardens called "gazing balls". The gazing balls are different in that they have no strands inside the balls themselves.

According to folk lore the colors would attract the spirits and the strands inside the ball would entrap them. Most witches balls were traditionally blue or green. and made of glass. The later gazing balls had a silver surface and served to ward off evil by reflecting it away rather than trapping it.

I'm hoping to visit a shop soon that sells witch balls and when I get one...I'll post a photo here of my own witch ball.


Amber said...


If you haven't found a witch ball yet, look at some of the shops that are online, but located in Salem, Massachusetts. One of my favorites is the Trolley Depot. They sell a variety of Salem Souvenirs. I bought my witch ball on eBay after seeing them in several stores during a visit to Salem. Good luck!


EJ said...

Kind of reminds me of Professor Trelawny's crystal ball. I've seen gazing balls used as a centerpiece for garden spinner. I think they're positively dazzling!