Saturday, May 29, 2010

Great Pumpkin Day May 2010

I'm starting to celebrate our "special days" again and blog about them. After a hectic 2009....I feel like I'm back home and back on track again in 2010!!

So Great Pumpkin Day. I am planning to break out the Halloween Notebook and start some rough Boo Bash Planning. I am thinking I will use the theme of a Witches Ball for our party this fall. I think it has a lot of possiblities. It sort of means I have to dress as a witch

We could have a great banquet table, good music, and all sorts of creatures come to the Witches it will be easy for people to pick costumes. The decor could be lots and lots of candles, black gauze material or and orange perhaps....and some snakes, bats, and spiders would round things out quite nicely...!!