Sunday, April 27, 2008

April Great Pumpkin Day

Great Pumpkin Day started out being celebrated on the LAST day of the month which is either the 31st or 30th depending on the month but then in an effort to spread out our "special days" a bit some suggested celebrating it on the 13th...I try to hit one or the other or both...

This Wednesday is Great Pumpkin Day and I hope to complete my Halloween 2008 pages in my Halloween scrapbook...I'll take pictures of the album and the pages...and try to get them up by the end of the week!

I have also started looking toward BOO BASH 2008. This year I plan to have an inside and outside set up just in case the weather is HORRIBLE!!! Around here you can never tell. So my kitchen will be set up like a witches kitchen with spell books, potions, and other stuff. After Halloween 2007 I found some cute crates on DEEP clearance at Michaels, and they have some cute Halloween labels on them. These will be perfect for filling with small bottles and envelopes of spell dust etc. The living room will mainly have pumpkins and might not get used at all depending on whether we can use the patio or not. Even if we use the patio...the kitchen is the entry way into the house from the everyone who uses the bathroom will see the decor in there! So I will be searching for spooky kitchen ideas....and filing ideas away for next month..when I plan on trying to create a few things.

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