Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April Great Pumpkin Day Challenge

Each month I will post a Great Pumpkin Day Challenge. The challenge will be one part of my basic three approach as it will either be “for fun”, a planning item, or involve taking some action to “do” something. The Challenge will be an additional item not one of the ideas listed on the Monthly Magic list. This is a challenge to make us stretch ourselves and do just a little bit more each month. The challenge can be completed anytime during the month. It does not have to be done on Great Pumpkin Day itself.

The April Great Pumpkin Day Challenge is a DOING item.

Find some Halloween pictures. From 2007 or 1976….it doesn’t matter…just find some pictures. Do one of the following with the pictures:
  • Create a two page scrapbook layout for your album.
  • Use them to create a personalized notebook cover for your Halloween or Autumn notebook. Make sure you have a clear view notebook
  • Create an altered autumn clipboard using them. You can actually use the clipboard or use it as a picture display in the fall.
  • Create an altered book (use an old child’s board book) and include the pictures in it. Call it The _____ Family’s Halloween Hauntings or some sort name.

If you are like me….you always mean to DO something with those pictures and here’s your chance. Let’s get a few pictures scrapped or used in some fun way. Get them out of the boxes and envelopes and on display! When you finish post here and let us know then hop out somewhere and buy your self a little treat….

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