Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Fall Home Tour

This is the top shelf of a little white child's cabinet that I have in the kitchen. I limited the holiday decor to the top shelf for this year. I think it adds just the right touch of holiday spirit. The white wall in my kitchen is changed with the seasons...Here is a Give Thanks picture and a little wooden box with some bear figurines...
Another shelf in the kitchen with odds and ends picked up here and there!

These pictures show my autumn village which I display on shelf in the living room...usually I add a few fall leaves also but just haven't gotten around to it yet!
The little Halloween figures are not part of the set because it is just an autumn village but I picked them up at Michael's to add a little spooky fun!
Another section of the village...

This is a picture of a little desk that I decorate for each holiday or season...
Here is a Fall Quilt I got at the flea market and I hang it above the little desk!

This is the dry sink by our front door....I always drape some seasonal or holiday material over it...both the 0ther items were picked up at the flea market.
This is another shelf in the living room with assorted what nots..the wooden window frame is draped with some fall Christmas I will use evergreen!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Get Ready For Fall

I simply love Hallmark Magazine...and this fall issue is no exception! Check out the cute and clever jack o lantern designs on the cover. With little windows and doors...they remind me of fairy houses and you do know how I love fairies!! This magazine is always chocked full of recipes, clever crafts, and simple ideas to try!

In this edition there is a great Treat Yourself section that will be perfect for Celebrate Me Days. There are also some clever ways to use old children's toys to decorate or create unique displays. There's a special section on gifts from the garden with some ideas for using dried herbs.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Boo Bash 08

Need to get moving on my Boo Bash 08 plans....well...I have lots of ideas but time to start actually getting some stuff in place.

My main project is the witch's kitchen jars....shooting for 13....a nice witchy number. And also a few crates and a Spell book...

Second project is the invitations...want these out early this year...I always say that but life seems to have other plans.

Third project is pulling together my costume...ummm....a witch of course!

Fourth project is to focus on some outdoor decor...perhaps the ring of ghosts would work nicely for the party. Lots of pumpkins and a few mums least that's the plan.

Fifth project is the menu...I have several ideas...probably chili for sure...

Thursday, May 1, 2008

May Great Pumpkin Day List & Challenge

Okay here's my short and sweet list for Great Pumpkin Day for May:
  • Work on BooBash2 Plans...the date will be October 25th...the Saturday before Halloween!
  • Update & Review Fall/Winter Notebook

And here's the challenge for this month...please feel free to join me.....

Make a decor item(s) for the BooBash....I am thinking about making some jar labels since I want to turn the kitchen into a spooky witches' kitchen and some jars with batwings, eye of newt, etc will be I would like to either make them by computer or craft some...haven't decided yet! So the challenge should you choose to accept it is to make a party decor item (or party favors would count!) or if you aren't hosting a party then a fall decor item for your home!!!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My April GPD Challenge

Here's a picture of my Halloween album that I picked up in the Fall of 2006 at Walmart. I started it with some photos of Katie at Hallween that year...6 days before Evan was borned! She dressed as a pumpkin.
This is a layout of some photos I shot in sequence as Evan discovered his first sucker. Looking at it, unwrapping it, putting it in his mouth and then his expression after tasting it!!! So cute!

Halloween 2007 was Evan's first Halloween. He dressed as a purple monster and everyone wanted to pose with him for pictures. So FINALLY on April GPD....I actually got the layouts finished and added to the Halloween Book...YEAH ME!!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

April Great Pumpkin Day

Great Pumpkin Day started out being celebrated on the LAST day of the month which is either the 31st or 30th depending on the month but then in an effort to spread out our "special days" a bit some suggested celebrating it on the 13th...I try to hit one or the other or both...

This Wednesday is Great Pumpkin Day and I hope to complete my Halloween 2008 pages in my Halloween scrapbook...I'll take pictures of the album and the pages...and try to get them up by the end of the week!

I have also started looking toward BOO BASH 2008. This year I plan to have an inside and outside set up just in case the weather is HORRIBLE!!! Around here you can never tell. So my kitchen will be set up like a witches kitchen with spell books, potions, and other stuff. After Halloween 2007 I found some cute crates on DEEP clearance at Michaels, and they have some cute Halloween labels on them. These will be perfect for filling with small bottles and envelopes of spell dust etc. The living room will mainly have pumpkins and might not get used at all depending on whether we can use the patio or not. Even if we use the patio...the kitchen is the entry way into the house from the everyone who uses the bathroom will see the decor in there! So I will be searching for spooky kitchen ideas....and filing ideas away for next month..when I plan on trying to create a few things.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

On Halloween Night

On Halloween Night by Ferida Wolff & Dolores Kozieiski is a children's book that features lovely pictures. The premise of the book is counting Halloween creatures/items up through the number 13. From one witch stirs...through...eight toads croak...all the way to thirteen ghosts haunt this is a fun to read and beautifully illustrated book. Originally published in 1994 it's sure to become a children's classic.

GPD List from April Monthly Magic

Here are the items from the April Monthly Magic list for Great Pumpkin Day. Remember it can be celebrated on the last day of the month or on the 13th of each month!

1.Pick a date for your fall party. Start a party planner section in your fall notebook.

2. Burn a CD of scary songs or sounds. Make a label to match your party theme.

3. Search on line for decorating ideas for a fall party.

April Great Pumpkin Day Challenge

Each month I will post a Great Pumpkin Day Challenge. The challenge will be one part of my basic three approach as it will either be “for fun”, a planning item, or involve taking some action to “do” something. The Challenge will be an additional item not one of the ideas listed on the Monthly Magic list. This is a challenge to make us stretch ourselves and do just a little bit more each month. The challenge can be completed anytime during the month. It does not have to be done on Great Pumpkin Day itself.

The April Great Pumpkin Day Challenge is a DOING item.

Find some Halloween pictures. From 2007 or 1976….it doesn’t matter…just find some pictures. Do one of the following with the pictures:
  • Create a two page scrapbook layout for your album.
  • Use them to create a personalized notebook cover for your Halloween or Autumn notebook. Make sure you have a clear view notebook
  • Create an altered autumn clipboard using them. You can actually use the clipboard or use it as a picture display in the fall.
  • Create an altered book (use an old child’s board book) and include the pictures in it. Call it The _____ Family’s Halloween Hauntings or some sort name.

If you are like me….you always mean to DO something with those pictures and here’s your chance. Let’s get a few pictures scrapped or used in some fun way. Get them out of the boxes and envelopes and on display! When you finish post here and let us know then hop out somewhere and buy your self a little treat….

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Great Pumpkin Day Idea List

1. Make Halloween and/or Thanksgiving cards
2. Declutter/organize costumes
3. Update scrapbooks with Halloween pictures/Journal memories
4. Declutter/organize decor
5. Create a Fall Recipe Section or Binder
6. Work on Halloween/Fall section or Binder
7. Plan Halloween party
8. Watch Halloween DVDs
9. Browse Fall magazines/books for decor and craft ideas
10. Start a collection of ideas for party favors for the kids parties
11. Test a new fall recipe
12. Inventory/Organize fall dishes/linens etc/Declutter Too
13. Inventory fall party supplies
14. Make A Halloween/Fall rag garland or wreath

Halloween Fun

I can tell already that this is going to be a fun blog. I love autumn, and Halloween. Last year was our first ever....BOO Bash...and although it was a bit chilly, we plan on trying it again. I may plan on having some things set up inside also, to eliminate the problem with weather. The fire was nice however, and people stayed till about 2:00 am so I guess they were having fun! LOL...those of you that read my blogs know I have a lot of them so just make sure to pop in ever so often cause I will get new things up here and there...a random schedule of posting. Not daily but frequently.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Blog under Construction

Please be patient as I develop this new blog as a place for sharing Great Pumpkin Day ideas and activities, along with fall party planning fun!